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YAMAHA Electric Feeder KLJ-MCN00-200(4mm)

YAMAHA Electric Feeder KLJ-MCN00-200(4mm)

YAMAHA Electric Feeder KLJ-MCN00-200

YAMAHA Electric Feeder KLJ-MCN00-200

Suitable for ysm40r and yrm20

The benefits include

The stepper motor replaces the traditional cylinder drive of the feeder, and the precision copper gear replaces the mechanical linkage drive. By connecting a 24V safety power supply with an electrical contact pin, the masking sensor converts the mechanical signals of the SMT machine into electrical signals to control the operation of the feeder.

There is a wide range of electronic material models. 8mm is compatible with two packaging modes of Masking tape, and 1mm/2mm/4mm step can be switched by one key. One AREED 8mm electric Feida replaces the original three 8mm Feida; One AREED12mm can replace two sizes of Feida, 12mm and 16mm.

The driving motor operates with a smaller amplitude than the cylinder, reducing material displacement caused by vibration. The high-precision feeding gear is equipped with a high-precision motor to ensure accurate feeding every time. The self-developed FEEDER calibrator can capture the X/Y coordinate values of each feeding, calculate the CA/CP and CPK values, and determine the consistency of the feeding accuracy of each FEEDER.

Feeding speed: The self-developed control motherboard software algorithm is more scientific and reasonable. The stepper motor is equipped with an acceleration gear, and the feeding speed of the FEEDER exceeds the SM Feeder feeding limit. Line changing speed: Stripping directly above, with built-in film covered storage room; Batch line replacement does not require disassembly of Feida, and automatic warehouse opening reminder is provided when the material is full. In a true sense, the function of non-stop material replacement can be achieved, and the efficiency of line replacement can be increased by more than three times.

Yamaha Electric ZS Feeder KLJ-MCNOO-200 suitable for Yamaha SMT PNP YS

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100%  Original and new for Yamaha SMT Machine

New and Used Optional,Original and Made in China Optional

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The Main Material aluminium alloy
 positioning Double pin guide rail positioning link locking
Electrical Interface 5 PIN contact interface
Voltage DC24V
 Current 0.5A | 2.5A MAX
 Communication Mode Pulse type
 Driving Mode Electric drive
Feeding Speed 68ms/pcs 4mm spacing
 Feeding Precision X-axis ± 0.05mm, Y-axis ± 0.05mm
Feeding Speed 80000CPH
 Film Recycling Rear storage bin or inclined pull coil mechanism
 Applicable Package 8/12/16/24/32/44/56MM standard SMT packaging
 Applicable Materials All materials that can be packaged using standard SMT
Refueling Method Overall refueling
  Operating Temperature Temperature -20~65 ℃
 Working Humidity Humidity 20-90% RH, non condensing
 Storage Temperature Temperature -40~85 ℃
 Storage Humidity Humidity 10~95%
Drop Impact Test Body 0.5kg/cm2
Aging Test Continuous operation for 1000 hours without abnormalities
 Operation Record Complete consistency
 Service Life >=20K hrs. MIL-HDBK-217F (25 ℃)

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