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GKG GSE Full auto Stencil Printer China Top1 Brand

GKG GSE Full auto Stencil Printer China Top1 Brand
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GKG is a leading brand in the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) industry, offering a range of high-quality SMT equipment and solutions. Among their most notable products is the GKG SMT printer, Which is a machine designed to provide accurate and efficient printing of solder paste onto printed circuit boards.

With advanced features such as automatic stencil alignment, high-precision squeegee pressure control, and advanced inspection systems, GKG SMT printers are widely recognized for their superior performance and reliability.

The GKG PCB Printing machines are ideal for both high-volume production lines and low-volume, high-mix environments, making them a versatile choice for a range of SMT applications. As a brand that prioritizes innovation and customer satisfaction, GKG is a top choice for businesses seeking advanced SMT solutions that deliver consistent, high-quality results.

model GKG GSE
Mesh frame size three hundred and seventy × 370mm~737 × 737mm
Net frame thickness 20-40mm (thickness of steel mesh aluminum alloy frame)
PCB size fifty × 50~400 × 340mm
PCB thickness 0.4-6mm
Edge gap of substrate 2.5mm
PCB warpage Max. PCB diagonal 1%
Transmission height 900±40mm
Transmission direction Left Right/Right Left/Left Left/Right Right Right
Transportation speed 1500mm/s (MAX), controlled by Program Control software (speed adjustable)
transmission mode One section transportation guide rail
Rail width adjustment automatic
PCB positioning and support methods Magnetic needle top/contour block/manually adjustable lifting platform
Clamping method Unique top flattening/flexible edge clamp
Squeegee Pressure  0.5-10kg(Program Control)
squeegee speed  6-200mm/sec
Repetitive positioning accuracy ±0.01mm
Printing accuracy ±0.025mm
Printing cycle <8sec
Main air supply source 4-6kg/cm2
Main power supply AC:220±10%,50/60HZ 2.5KW
control mode  PC Control
operating system windows XP/Win7
Overall dimensions L1mm
weight About 1000kg

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