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Edge Rail Conveyor

Flux Management System

Electric Supply:

Power Input: 480 volts 3-Phase

Breaker Size: 100 amps @ 480v

kW: 8.5 - 10.5 Continuous

Typical Run Current: 20 - 25 amps @ 480v

Optional Power Inputs:

208/240/380/400/440/415 VAC


Overall Length: 183" (465 cm)

Overall Width: 54" (137 cm)

Overall Height: 63" (160 cm)

Typical Net Weight: 3500 lbs. (1588 kg)

Forced Convection Zones:

9 Top and Bottom Heating Zones

Cooling Zones:

2 Standard

3 Optional

These specifications outline the capabilities of the HELLER 1809MKIII reflow oven. It's designed to provide efficient and reliable reflow soldering for electronics components with the ability to accommodate various power inputs, precise temperature control, and effective cooling. The edge rail conveyor and flux management system contribute to smooth and consistent soldering processes. The forced convection heating zones and cooling zones help achieve uniform and controlled soldering results across the PCBs. The reflow oven's size and weight specifications make it suitable for accommodating larger PCBs and meeting the demands of electronics manufacturing.

Here are some reasons why you might consider buying the HELLER 1809MKIII SMT reflow oven based on the provided details:

Advanced Heating Technology: The presence of 9 top and bottom forced convection heating zones ensures precise and uniform temperature control, leading to high-quality soldering and reliable solder joints.

Flux Management System: The included flux management system enhances process efficiency by effectively managing flux during the soldering process, which can contribute to better soldering results and reduced maintenance requirements.

Wide Power Input Range: The availability of optional power inputs (ranging from 208V to 415V) allows you to adapt the reflow oven to different power supply configurations, ensuring flexibility in various manufacturing environments.

Size and Capacity: The spacious dimensions of the oven (183" L x 54" W x 63" H) make it suitable for accommodating larger PCBs and products, expanding the range of products you can manufacture.

Cooling Options: The availability of 2 standard cooling zones and an optional third cooling zone allows for effective component cooling after soldering, contributing to stable solder joint formation.

Sturdy Build: With a typical net weight of 3500 lbs., the oven is built to withstand continuous manufacturing operations, ensuring stability and durability over time.

Process Flexibility: The oven's ability to work with various power inputs and offer precise temperature control across multiple zones makes it suitable for a wide range of components and soldering profiles.

Reliability and Performance: HELLER is a well-known brand in the electronics manufacturing industry, known for producing reliable and high-performance reflow ovens. Choosing a reputable brand can provide you with confidence in the oven's performance and longevity.

Flux Control: The flux management system helps ensure that flux is effectively managed during the soldering process, leading to cleaner and more consistent solder joints.

Energy Efficiency: The specified kW range (8.5 - 10.5 Continuous) indicates an energy-efficient design, which can help reduce operational costs over time.

Sequential Zone Turn On: While not explicitly mentioned in the provided details, if the oven includes this feature, it can contribute to energy savings and improved temperature uniformity.

Support and Service: HELLER's reputation often comes with strong customer support and service, which can be invaluable in ensuring your equipment operates smoothly and efficiently.

When considering the HELLER 1809MKIII SMT reflow oven, it's essential to evaluate how its features align with your specific manufacturing needs, product requirements, and production volume. Conducting a comprehensive assessment will help you determine if this oven is the right choice for your electronics manufacturing processes.

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  • Model: HELLER 1809MKIII
  • Weight: 1,650.00kg
  • Dimensions: 465.00cm x 137.00cm x 160.00cm