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The Heller 1707-EXL is a reflow soldering system designed for soldering electronic components onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). It is equipped with various features and specifications to achieve efficient and precise soldering processes. Here's a breakdown of the key information provided:

Vintage: January 2007

  • Power Input:

Standard: 208/240 VAC 3-Phase

Breaker Size: 100 amps @ 208/240 VAC

Optional Power Inputs Available: 380/400/415/480 VAC

  • Dimensions:

Overall Length: 134"

Overall Width: 54"

Overall Height: 63"

Typical Net Weight: 3000 lbs.

Operating System: Windows XP®

  • Cooling:

Waterless Cooling w/ Flux Separation System (Optional)

Typical Nitrogen Consumption: 700 to 900 SCFH*

Center Board Support: Optional

Height from Floor: Standard 35.5" ± 2.0"

Clearance Above Conveyor Pins: 1.15"

Clearance Below Conveyor Pins: 1.15"

Length of PCB Support Pins: 0.187"

  • PCB Dimensions:

Minimum/Maximum Board Width: 2" - 20"

Heating Zones:

Top Heating Zones: Seven (7)

Bottom Heating Zones: Seven (7)

Number of Cooling Zones: One Standard

Heater Type: Instant Response Open Coil

Heater Material: Nichrome

Temperature Range: 25-350° C (Standard), High Temperature Up to 450° C (Optional)

Throughput and Speed:

Supports high mix/medium volume throughput

Speed: Up to 24 inches (60 centimeters) per minute

Process Control and Features:

Efficient heat transfer from high-velocity heating modules with rapid response times

Wide process window for running different boards on a single temperature profile

Advanced 3 thermocouple PCB profiling and process parameter logging capability

Cpk software for real-time calculation of oven performance and repeatability

  • Cost Efficiency:

Computer-controlled automatic lubrication system for maintenance

Optional flux separation system for reduced maintenance and environmental protection

Forced convection design saves nitrogen consumption

Low KW design reduces electricity usage and changeover time

Overall, the Heller 1707-EXL reflow soldering system is designed for efficient and precise soldering processes, with features focused on process control, efficiency, and cost reduction. It's suitable for soldering electronic components onto PCBs with different board densities and loading conditions.

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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: HELLER 1707EXL
  • Weight: 1,200.00kg
  • Dimensions: 340.00cm x 137.00cm x 160.00cm