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fuji XP243E Placement Machine | Used

fuji XP243E Placement Machine | Used
fuji XP243E Placement Machine | Used
fuji XP243E Placement Machine | Used
fuji XP243E Placement Machine | Used
fuji XP243E Placement Machine | Used
fuji XP243E Placement Machine | Used
fuji XP243E Placement Machine | Used
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fuji XP243E Placement Machine | Used

Introducing the Fuji XP243E, a multipurpose, quick, and precise holographic universal placement machine that raises the standard for productivity and adaptability in the electronics manufacturing industry. This machine is poised to change manufacturing techniques and produce outstanding outcomes thanks to its sleek form and powerful capabilities.


Time is of importance in today's fast-paced industry, and the Fuji XP243E excels in terms of speed and accuracy. This machine produces an astounding 8,370 pieces per hour for rectangular components and 6,420 pieces per hour for ICs with mounting speeds of 0.43 seconds per piece and 0.56 seconds per piece, respectively. This results in shorter production lead times, shorter time to market, and more profitability.


Also, the Fuji XP243E has a patch accuracy of 0.025mm, guaranteeing that each component is put with painstaking accuracy. Precision is crucial. This machine offers versatility and adaptability, widening the variety of components it can handle from 0603 (0201) chips to special-shaped components.


The Fuji XP243E's capacity to store more nozzles, which offers flexibility and convenience, is one of its notable characteristics. With a large selection of easily available nozzle alternatives, operators may quickly switch between various mechanical fixtures or components, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.


fuji XP243E Placement Machine Specifications:

Product Name:

Fuji XP243E





Product Condition:




User Friendly:




PCB Dimensions:

Max 457mm x 356 mm
Min: 80mm x 50mm
Thickness: 0.3 to 4.0

Chip Mounting:

0603 (0201)


Approx. 2,800kg

Target Components:


Air source:


Maximum Height:


Furthermore, With the transmitting side buffer function and the non-exhaust patch function, efficiency is further increased, and a smooth, uninterrupted flow of production is ensured. Additionally, by enabling trial production, firms may evaluate their designs and procedures, lowering the possibility of errors and improving final production runs.

The Fuji XP243E can handle a wide range of target components, from 0603-sized chips to components measuring up to 45 mm by 150 mm, with a maximum height of 25.4 mm. This allows it to meet a variety of production needs. Substrates with thicknesses ranging from 0.3mm to 4mm and widths ranging from 50x50mm to a maximum of 457x356mm can be accommodated by the machine.

The Fuji XP243E provides convenience and accessibility with its support for Chinese, English, and Japanese languages.


So, what are you still waiting for? Place your order right away.


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